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Store biological samples are essential for several industries including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, research, and forensics. Correct sample storage ensures the viability of samples by slowing or stopping the degradation of biological materials so that they can be used or investigated for some time after collection, without compromising the sample integrity.

Storing Biological Specimens 

Ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers provide the necessary conditions for storing biological specimens.

Storage at -80 °C preserves biological specimens by slowing or stopping natural functions. The optimal storage conditions depend on the type of tissue sample, for example, proteins can be stored for only six years at -80 °C but adrenal tissue can be stored for up to 27 years.

To prepare samples for ULT storage, they must be frozen, either in a blast freezer or with liquid nitrogen. When the sample is ready to be used, it should be warmed quickly, for example in a water bath.

It is important to note that the number of freeze-thaw cycles a sample undergoes can affect its quality. If a number of experiments will be carried out on a sample at different times, it may be pertinent to aliquot the sample before freezing.

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